Oslo Håndverksdestilleri

In 1927 the State Wine Monopoly acquired Norway's last operational distillery which signified the end of proud local and independent distilling traditions.

At OHD we are dedicated to bringing these customs back and to the creation of high quality artisanal spirits enriched with Nordic botanicals.

Welcome to Oslo Håndverksdestilleri


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Matt is back! Its really great that you made a kid but it would be nice if you could make some more #akevittblank and #norwegianwood too. We have run out! #spiritandspice #oslove #distillerylife #notthatdiapersmell The hike was long, the cabin was cold. Hats off to the one who knew what to pack. #markabitter #cabinlife #hygge #hyttekos #ohd #drinkstragram #marka #bogmyrtalandhonney Hyggelig besøk fra deler av Mannskoret på destilleriet i dag😃  #mannskoret #ohd_the_oslo_distillery To nigth you will find us on the other side vidda. Come and say hi and have a tasty beverage mixed up by the one and only @ingridtindvik from 8-12 at one of our favoritt bars @nostressbergen If Copenhagen can have @nostresskbh why cant we have @nostressoslo?

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